Times When You Need Serenity the Most

Learning how to deal with stress or difficulty doesn’t come naturally, especially for addicts and alcoholics. Treatment centers emphatically teach clients that one of the most important cornerstones of dealing with life’s problems, is obtaining serenity. What is serenity, and how is it achieved? Take the serenity prayer for instance:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change;
Courage to change the things I can;
And wisdom to know the difference.”

The takeaways from this universal prayer, are simple:

  • Acceptance does not mean laziness – There are some things in life that we have no control over. The suggestion of having something greater than yourself, e.g.,  a Higher Power, the universe, God, time, or whatever you choose to believe in, is an important one. It is this belief that can take over the responsibility of handling what you cannot. No matter what happens, it is out of your hands.
  • We must have courage to change ourselves – If you are in recovery, you are courageous. Change is never easy, and when you recognize that you have the power to create a better life, the faith you have in yourself and your Higher Power (whatever that may be), are hallmarks of serenity.
  • Surrender is a courageous act – Surrender is not failure. Waving the white flag is joining the winning side. Trusting the process, having faith in the unknown, and having the wisdom to know what you can and cannot change are invaluable pieces that make serenity whole.

For addicts and alcoholics, life stressors can be dangerous. Whether they are financial problems, relationship or family issues, career, death, or environmental stressors, they all have a red flag factor of setting an addict or alcoholic off on a destructive path. In treatment, a wealth of knowledge and an entire toolbox of coping mechanisms are given to addicts and alcoholics. These tools teach us how to respond to daily or occasional, small or monumental stressors, without picking up a drink or a drug.

In addiction, we didn’t have to face our fears, our problems, or our mistakes. In recovery, we learn how to deal with each one, just one day at a time. We no longer have to fear the unknown, we are able to cope with our fears, and when we make mistakes, we learn from them. Treatment can help put you on the path to serenity, and ultimately, freedom from everything from which you have been running.

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