Tips for Supporting a Partner with Addiction

Addiction is an illness, often referred to as a disease or a disorder. The widespread stigma of addiction will try to convince you that there is something wrong with your partner because drugs and alcohol have turned them into a bad person. While your partner may have engaged in some questionable and less than ethical behavior, they are not an inherently bad person. They have fallen ill to the disease of addiction and are in need of treatment to become well again.

When a loved one is diagnosed with an illness, their family rallies behind them, researching the illness and the best ways to treat it. Addiction deserves the same attention and effort. Learn about addiction by doing your own research on addiction in the brain and the body. If you are aware of your partner’s substance of choice, research addiction to that particular substance as well. You will gain insight to their experience of chemical dependency while gaining compassion for their experience of addiction. In addition, you can learn more about what needs to be done to help your partner heal and how you can support them.


Identify their Triggers and Symptoms

Identifying triggers and symptoms is an important part of relapse prevention and a goal that many components of a treatment program will focus on. Your partner will work hard in treatment to get a better sense of self-awareness which will help them know themselves and their addiction more intimately. Listen to their stories about treatment and the insights they are gaining. Make your own observations about their stressors, the way that they express their cravings, or how they demonstrate their irritability.


Ask Them How You Can Best Support Them

You will gain much information from outside sources about what someone in a relationship with a partner in treatment for addiction needs to do for support. The best source of information will be your partner. Through their therapy and treatment, they are learning to identify their wants and their needs. No two people experience addiction the same and no two people will experience recovery the same way. Despite commonalities and generalizations, your partner will have a specific idea about what they need from you to support their recovery.


Infinity Malibu offers each client an opportunity to bring the family into recovery through family therapy and family program sessions. Everyone has a chance to recover when a loved one goes to treatment. The decision to get sober changes everyone’s life. Change your life, change your legacy. That is our belief at Infinity. Start your legacy of recovery today by calling (888) 266-9048.

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