Treatment is Available Where You Detox

Detox treatment is designed to help you safely get through the initial stages of withdrawal. The initial detox process can be as short as a few days. Detox does not typically last longer than a week or two. During detox, you will safely withdraw from your substance of choice, you may attend support groups and you will meet with a counselor to determine what your next steps should be.

Substance use treatment centers commonly prefer that an individual go through detox before entering their program. The reason for this is because while you are withdrawing, you are not going to be able to tackle recovery issues head on. Substance use treatment falls into one of the following categories: inpatient, outpatient and intensive outpatient treatment.

First, you want to see if your detox treatment center offers inpatient or outpatient treatment services. Some detox centers specialize in detox and ongoing treatment may be unavailable. If you feel a connection with the detox center, you may consider asking the counselors if they offer ongoing treatment.

The detox center that you choose may have other treatment options, but they may have limited beds available, or the center may not take your insurance for ongoing treatment. If this is the case, you might be unable to go to treatment where you go to detox. Your best option is to work closely with the counselors and staff members at the detox you decide to go to.

After-care planning is an important step in the detox process. After you achieve more stability in your detox, the counselors and staff will work with you to develop an aftercare plan. The aftercare plan includes goals of what to do in your treatment once detox is offer. During this planning process, the counselors and staff will discuss your options with you. They detox center will check your insurance benefits and their bed availability to see if you are a candidate for their treatment center.

If there is no availability or there is another reason that you cannot go to treatment where you went to detox, the staff should provide you with alternative options. The staff will educate you on other treatment centers that have availability, take your insurance and align with the type of treatment that you prefer. Even if you cannot go to treatment at the same center, the detox center will not leave you in the dark. You are part of your after care planning and goal setting.

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