What Does Spirituality Have to Do with Recovery?

Spirituality is the music of recovery— it comes in on the air and heads straight to your heart. Spirituality is infinite and individual. It doesn’t have to be labeled or put in the same context as God, Buddah, Allah, the Great Father, Mother Earth, other deities or formal religion.

Before you got sober, you may not have thought about anybody but yourself. There is no judgement here, it is just a component of the alcoholic mind. When you begin your recovery you awaken to new ways of viewing your life and the world around you. You start noticing painful things, like your brother or sister haven’t called in months. People in the office haven’t sat next to you in the lunchroom for such a long time. Think of Nina Simone singing You’ve reached the end of the line. Likewise, recovery is opening you to positive experiences like bringing you in touch with good people on the same path. Your music can also be positive like the instrumental sounds that represent Peter, in Peter and the Wolf.

When you begin to notice people, places and things in recovery, you may also recognize behaviors in yourself you don’t like anymore. Recovery helps us become aware of our behavior. First, we have to open to our own feelings. If we aren’t in touch with our feelings, how are we change our behavior? Spirituality has to do with being kind to others, and finding tolerance, compassion and forgiveness.

What does spirituality have to do with recovery? What is the link between them? As mentioned beforehand, there is an awakening, a noticing, an awareness outside ourselves, and of our feelings and behavior. In recovery we strive to stay sober, we learn about the disease, how it negatively affected our behavior and relationships. We learn about forgiving ourselves, and self-compassion. Being aware is being spiritual.

While spirituality can be thought of as ethereal, and recovery as more practical, they nevertheless go hand-in-hand. They both don’t happen overnight. A good and lasting recovery takes time as does understanding the nuances that move our spirituality along. Along with new feelings and emotions, it takes time to adjust to the new and sober you. Like recovery, spirituality has to be practiced. Pat the dog more often, call your friend afflicted with cancer, go to a meeting, see your therapist, bring a treat to share with everyone at work. Spirituality and recovery are about becoming your highest and best self. The music will soothe you.

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