What Can the Rich and Famous Learn in Rehab?

Paying for a high-price addiction rehab is not a concern for wealthy executives and millionaires. According to Forbes, rehabs for the rich and famous are becoming more abundant across the country. For those used to living a high lifestyle, these rehabs can be the perfect fit. They may offer gourmet food, equine-assisted therapy, yoga, mindfulness meditation and other holistic therapies. Their facilities are replete with luxurious accommodations, and they offer total discretion. Learning beforehand about the accommodations and comfort level an addicted wealthy person can expect, may help them feel more inclined to get the help they need.

Including those who exhibit entitled personalities, the behaviors and attitudes of individuals who enter these kinds of rehabs are little to no different than other alcoholics or addicts. Addiction is not bound by one’s station in life. Learning this offers the participant a chance to be open to change.

Alcoholics or addicts tend to suffer from low self-esteem. They may use arrogance to hide an inner self-loathing or deep loneliness (it’s lonely at the top). Being arrogant makes it difficult for one to learn anything new. Out of the fear of appearing stupid, they can hold onto the illusion of having all the answers.

Whether you are a billionaire or homeless, you need to learn as much as you can about your defense mechanisms. Only then can you move past them and out of misery. The perfect way to combat arrogance is to learn humility. Anyone who admits they are powerless over alcohol or drugs can experience humility.

Humility has been undervalued in today’s world of bigger and better, more assertive, faster, richer, and more powerful. Humility is a big part of recovery, and gaining it can bring about significant changes in an alcoholic’s or addict’s perspective. Humility is not about weakness. It is about modesty and respect.

Finding the answers to why, you, a wealthy person, who has everything money can buy, became addicted, is a courageous endeavor. Learning to look at your behaviors and attitudes is hard, but when you are open to change, to being vulnerable, to listening, to embracing the hurt person inside, you’re bound to find the joy of living again.

“Sometimes the hardest people to love are the ones who need it the most.”—Laura Weiss

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