What Is a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening essentially means the same thing whether you are in recovery and attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings or not. In the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) the authors wrote, “He finally realizes that he has undergone a profound alteration in his reaction to life; that such a change could hardly have been brought about by himself alone.” The Big Book’s definition of a spiritual awakening seems to imply a power greater than yourself is responsible for your awakening to recovery. It is then up the reader to define for him or herself what the power is, whether a higher power, God, nature, or whatever notion feels true to them.

A spiritual awakening can be defined as a waking-up experience—Oh this is what life is really about. It can be gradual, and begin when one starts to question his or her belief systems. The person begins to see another perspective or point of view from what they originally thought was true or what they have been taught. When people have a spiritual awakening they are on a path to a higher consciousness. They are looking to find their deepest truth.

What is the source that motivates a person to get sober? Perhaps they have a spiritual awakening or an epiphany. They could wake up to the fact that their life is in a shambles, that they are down and out and they could die if they don’t transform in some way. Another’s awakening in recovery can be slow and gradual. They discover they can live without alcohol; that their life can be transformed into something better. It takes time, sometimes therapy and a rehab is necessary for them to get on a spiritual path.

A spiritual awakening can happen at any time. A person walks down the street to the bus stop. They have been drinking alcoholically for years, but nevertheless manage to hold onto their job. In fact, no one at work suspects they are an alcoholic. They are just seen as a quiet, sometimes grumpy person who doesn’t engage with others. One day on the way to the bus stop they trip, fall, and land face down in the grime and trash at the curb. As they get up and begin wiping off their clothes, they start to cry. They’ve been fighting the depression that accompanies their alcoholism for too long. They’ve been feeling like they’ve trashed their life for too long. At that moment they are having a spiritual awakening, which leads them to make a vow to themselves to get some help.

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