What Is Detox?

Addiction and alcoholism are chemical dependencies. The body and the brain which become chemically dependent on drugs and alcohol are chemically dependent on harmful toxins. Overtime in addiction, the body becomes sick and weak as it is increasingly destroyed by chemical substances. Dependent, the body feels as though it relies on drugs and alcohol to function. However, it is the drugs and alcohol causing the sickness and the dysfunction of the body. At this state, the body needs to detoxify itself in order to recover.

Detox is a period of time which is designated for the body to heal. During detox, the body is working hard to rid itself of toxins and harmful chemicals which are contributing to poor health. Each chemical substance will create a different experience of detox. Symptoms of withdrawal, the detox process, will be slightly different between alcohol and crystal meth, for example. Whether a substance of choice was a depressant or a stimulant will determine psychological and physiological reactions to detox. Length of abuse, severity of abuse, and other individual genetic conditions will play a part in how detox from drugs and alcohol will go.

The detox period is one of the most difficult and most dangerous periods for people to get through in the beginning of their recovery. Wracked from head to toe with cravings, pain, and discomfort, they are vulnerable to relapse. After detoxing for a few hours to a few days, the body is vulnerable to overdose. As the body detoxes, it lowers its tolerance to the substance of choice in addition to other substances. Clinical settings for medical detox are strongly recommended for this reason. In a clinical detox setting, an individual has access to counselors, therapists, intravenous fluids, and medication which helps reduce the symptoms of withdrawal.


Will I Have To Detox?

Anyone who has been abusing drugs and/or alcohol will have some experience of detox, either mild or extreme. Detox can present a full range of symptoms from insomnia, cravings, obsessive thinking, and irritability to vomiting, hallucinations, shaking, sweating, and raise blood rate. Stabilizing the body in a clinical detox setting with medical detox management helps most people make the transition from active addiction to active recovery more readily.


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