What is The Voices Project?

According to his website, Ryan Hampton, the founder of #VoicesProject, is breaking down cultural barriers through his inspiration via a digital revolution whereby people in recovery voice their stories through #VoicesProject. The idea is to combat the stigma of addiction by having those in recovery share their stories. People from all walks of life can become addicted to opioids, and by their participation in the Voices Project, the stigma can be reduced, which in turn can make recovery a more emotionally accessible choice.

Mr. Hampton is an advocate for new solutions. He holds public policy makers accountable for doing their part for addiction awareness and recovery. He has also put pressure on the White House to do more to help fight the opioid crisis. True, some government funds for combating addiction have been made available, but according to experts, not nearly enough to make a significant difference.

Rural areas are especially compromised when it comes to lack of funding because so few, if any, within a reasonable driving distance, exist. If people who are addicted don’t have rehabs or daily drop-in centers in which to receive help and support, then, what are their options? Of course there are local fellowship meetings like NA, people can attend. Many addicted people, however, need expert treatment, like detox and substantial treatment practices to adequately address their addiction. The lack of these facilities only exacerbates the opioid crisis.

If you have a loved one in crisis, and haven’t found adequate treatment, you can help by calling or writing your congressperson and senator. Sure, they are inundated with calls, and you might think your call or message will fall on deaf ears. Call or write anyway. The more people who contact their local government about their concerns for lack of funding the better. Americans need to know what the comprehensive policy, funding, and commitment to the addiction issue is going to be! This must be followed by action not bureaucratic stonewalling.

The overdose statistics from one year to the next have increased dramatically. At least 65,000 people died of an overdose in 2016. Saving and restoring lives is what is at hand.

“It’s a huge edge, sometime life-saving, to adopt a good idea early and put it into practice.”— Brandon Webb

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