When Do I Practice Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practice and a lifestyle which should be incorporated into your recovery at least once a day. When we think of mindfulness, we often think of a mindful meditation in which we create a time and a space to close our eyes, tune into ourselves, and find some relaxation. Mindfulness is a form of meditation and meditation is also inherently mindful. However, the practice of mindfulness isn’t reserved to just meditation. Additionally, meditation isn’t strictly reserved for a quite time of closed eyes and deep breathing. Mindfulness is a meditation that can be practiced throughout the day. As a state of being, a lifestyle, and a practice, mindfulness is a way to be present in life, learn from awareness and perhaps be entertained by what we notice along the way.


Areas You Can Practice Mindfulness All Day:

Mindfulness can be applied to any area of life in any activity. The practice of mindfulness is one that simply encourages more mindful thinking. To be mindful is to be conscious or aware. Mindfulness is a practice of awareness, gained by being present, paying attention, and noticing. Throughout the course of the day, there are numerous unconscious and unaware moments. Many people experience driving home on their normal commute, suddenly pulling into their driveway and wondering how they got there. They don’t consciously remember being aware of driving, changing lanes, making turns, and getting home. Parts of their brain were paying attention, but many were not. Mindfulness can be applied to daily commutes, eating, hygiene, cooking, talking with other people, and even interacting in social media. Being mindful in these areas simply means bringing yourself into the present moment by focusing on what you are doing. Cultivating mindfulness takes time and practice. We start to notice the effects of our conscious efforts at consciousness in small ways. For example, on that commute home from work, we might realize we never noticed a particular restaurant, shop, or clusters of flowers in our neighbor’s yard.


Why You Should Practice Mindfulness All Day:

A spiritual practice by nature, mindfulness is also a scientifically backed practice. Rapidly becoming considered an evidence-based practice, mindfulness reduces stress, increases feelings of wellness, and can prevent the recurrence of cravings. In addition, mindfulness contributes to learning, being present, and most importantly, becoming more self-aware.


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