When You Are Lonely in Recovery

Sometime or another in life we find ourselves lonely. If you are lonely in your recovery from addiction, think about asking for help. Recovery is not easy to go through, and being lonely may put you at risk for relapse. Loneliness may also be a mask for depression, or the two can go hand-in-hand.

Ask yourself why you are lonely in recovery. Have you attended fellowship meetings? Have you reached out to anyone? People in fellowship meetings bond with one another. It can seem there’s no space or opportunity for you to make inroads towards new friendships. Here’s where you have to take responsibility for making new friends. We know it can be scary.

You may have a bad tape running in your head, which says you won’t be accepted, or you’ll be judged, or these people aren’t trustworthy. Your tapes may have once served a purpose. You may have created them to protect yourself a long time ago. You may have had a really good reason not to trust anyone, but unbeknownst to you the tapes kept running even when they were no longer serving you.

Many people in recovery have had bad experiences in childhood and life. They live in fear of people, places and things. Perhaps, like you they may have isolated themselves from people out of fear of getting hurt, or having to deal with overwhelming emotions. Whatever the case, there comes a time when seeking therapeutic help is the wisest action to take.

Your therapist can’t wave a magic wand, and poof, your loneliness will be gone. You and she or he will form a relationship of trust. Having one person with whom you explicitly trust can make a big difference to your healing. Your body, mind and spirit can hold onto trauma like a vise. You and your therapist will slowly loosen the vise and free you from those tapes.

Loneliness is a sad feeling, but through help you can learn to take small risks—reaching out just to introduce yourself to someone at a meeting. This risk is small, but the reward can be huge. Recovery takes courage and time and tenacity. We know you have have it because you got sober!

“The possibility of rich relationships exists all around you — you simply have to open your eyes, open your mouth, and most importantly, open your heart.”—Cheryl Richardson

There is infinite wisdom when you come into a rehab for addiction recovery. Infinity Malibu provides a very special and unique environment for your recovery. We offer discretion and privacy, state-of-the-art, empirically proven treatment methods, as well as yoga, mindfulness meditation and equine therapy. Start your infinite recovery today by calling 888-266-9048.

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