Why Am I Such an Angry Person?

Realizing we are an angry person is a first step towards gaining insight into this strong emotion. Those in recovery for an addiction may not be able to see the extent of their anger. They could have little to no knowledge of how anger affects their health and of those on the receiving end of their anger. Even if anger is not directed towards a person, that person can still feel its impact just from being in the same room, down the corridor, or in public.

Anger can impede your progress in recovery and out you at risk for relapse. It’s great that you are looking into your anger. It’s been said that anger is grief stored in the heart. Is there the possibility that you’ve pushed down a long-suffered loss and never fully grieved? Loss isn’t only the loss of a loved one. Loss can be something you never had, like a secure and loving childhood. Loss can be caused by trauma, or situations where you lose your sense of security.

You realize you are an angry person, but are you aware of the many types of anger you may unconsciously use? Anger can be unjustified and justified, and used to hurt others like in gossip to get back at someone for a slight. Anger can be self-righteous, driven from jealousy or a misunderstanding. If you are an angry person, there may be something in which you are afraid, so you lash out. You could have become angry to protect yourself.

Being angry all the time is exhausting. When every little annoying incident causes you to swear and or shake your fist, it’s a good sign, and a smart idea, to seek therapy. Therapy provides a safe, positive environment to explore the roots of anger. You will most likely learn you are more than your anger—you are a good person who may have been harmed. Acknowledging the harm you’ve suffered once could have made you feel vulnerable. Being vulnerable put you out of your comfort zone. It was easier and safer to go out in the world with your fists up, but not anymore!

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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