There Will Be Booze at the Holiday Party

One of the great benefits of getting sober is learning to say no. In the case of a work-related holiday party, you can tell your colleagues or boss you can’t attend this year. You don’t have to tell them why either. That’s an important boundary to learn. Explaining yourself is giving up your hard-won power. Expressing your power is essential when it comes to saying no to any situation that might put your sobriety at risk.  

Perhaps you want to attend the holiday party at your job this year, but are plagued by fears.  Your can make a list of your fears ahead of time and create safety net scenarios. Are you afraid someone will offer you a glass of wine, beer or a cocktail? What will you do if a colleague pressures you to have a drink, humiliates you when you say no? Maybe you are afraid you’ll give in and have a drink—after all it’ll be just one, and the holiday party is only once a year. Right? No, no, no! Scarey, scarey, scarey! Are you going to remind yourself that it’s the first drink that gets you drunk?

A handsome man or woman, new to the company, offers to give you a ride home. You weigh your options whether to spend money on a cab, or risk the subway, which feels dangerous to take late at night. What will be your safety net for this situation? In sobriety, emotions arise we haven’t felt in a long time. They can draw us in, and control us just like the booze used to do. Wanting to love and be loved again is a wonderful and natural desire—who doesn’t want love?

As you create your safety net, think about putting your sobriety ahead of your heart. The newer you are to sobriety the more vulnerable you are to getting hurt. Of course, in life, we can’t escape getting hurt, just as sometime or another we will hurt someone else. It’s a good idea to give the roots of sobriety time to deepen and strengthen. You can tell that handsome person, thanks, not tonight, but perhaps we can have a cup of coffee sometime.

You always have a choice whether or not you go to a party at work, or a friend’s holiday gathering. Building a flexible safety net ahead of time will help keep you safe from picking up that drink.

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