Will I Ever Have Fun Again?

Of course you will, but first ask yourself if hanging out in bars was really fun? Did people try to coerce you to come home with them? How many times did you forget where you parked your car? Did friends have to drive your home? Did your hangovers last all day? Did you wake up in yesterday’s clothes and find vomit on the bathroom floor? No fun, indeed. Drinking was associated with having fun, but if your were an introvert, drinking might have been your best friend.

What is fun? The dictionary says it’s amusement, pleasure, entertainment and enjoyment. Joy seems to be a higher level of experience than fun. Synonyms for joy include exhilaration, jubilation, exaltation, bliss and so forth.

Of course you can have fun and be joyful in sobriety, but if you’re asking when, it may be a good idea to recalibrate your thinking. Before you got sober, alcohol or drugs ran your life. They were in charge. Now that you’ve made a courageous step by getting sober, you have to take the reins. That’s great, you say, but I’m scared, I’ve never ridden a horse before.

Chances are you’re not going to climb onto the saddle of a racehorse. You’re going to have lessons on a mild-mannered older horse. You’re going to ride in a ring, and have a trainer giving you slow and deliberate instructions. You have to work hard to remember all the instructions. After your lesson you revel in the smell of the horse on your hands. The next day you’re so sore you can hardly walk. Having fun in sobriety is like learning to ride a horse. Sobriety is hard work, there’s lots to remember and you have moments of pleasure without fear. One crisp fall day you go on your first trail ride. The horse’s hoofs move through dry leaves, the air smells great, the leader picks up the pace, and you’re ready.

You can’t jump into fun and joy, but you’ll get there when you’re ready. By getting sober, you’ve reclaimed you right to find and have joy in your life again. Enjoy the journey with all its up and downs and long rides. You deserve to love your life.

“I can’t imagine anything worse than being required to have fun.” Scott Westerfeld

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