How Will I Have More Fun Sober?

You have taken a chance and started a journey to mental wellness, health and long-term recovery. There is good news; recovery does not have to be boring! Recovery is not just about going to meetings, going to therapy or focusing 100% of your time to recovery oriented activities. There is fun on this recovery journey.

Here are 8 ways that you will have more fun sober:

1) You will remember what you did.

There will be no more waking up and looking at your phone to see who you called or text. Long gone are the days of embarrassing posts on social media. You will remember exactly what happened the night before. Peace of mind and genuine enjoyment adds to the benefits of recovery.

2) You are creating memories.

When you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, there may have been moments and memories that you just do not remember. The fun that you have and the memories that you create in recovery will last. You will be able to fondly remember times with friends and family.

3) You are learning about yourself.

Each new day in recovery, you are learning a little more about yourself. You will get to know your likes and dislikes. Each day is a new start to take on the challenges and joys of recovery.

4) You get to try new things.

There is an entire world waiting to be explored. The days of hangovers and withdrawals are over. You can take hikes, explore nature, experiment with new cuisines and enjoy all of this completely sober.

5) People will get to know the real you.

While in active addiction, you may take more negative risks, be more agitated and feel depressed and anxious. Now that you are sober, people get to meet and enjoy the real you. This means that you can have lasting relationships built on honesty and trust.

6) You get more quality sleep.

Recovery provides many benefits, including increased quality of sleep. People who drink alcohol to excess, for example, are often plagued with poor sleep quality.  In recovery, your REM sleep cycle returns to normal. This means that after the initial withdrawals have subsided your sleep quality returns to normal and you wake up feeling refreshed.

7) Recovery brings peace of mind.

By this point in recovery, a lot of things have started to come together. Perhaps your finances have improved, relationships have healed and you began the journey of loving yourself. Peace of mind makes life worth living.

8) A healthier you means more enjoyment in life.

You have started to get to know yourself. You are taking on new tasks and adventures. You are in recovery. You may be eating better and without chemicals in your body, your appearance has probably changed for the better. Now you can enjoy life. A life enjoyed, makes the journey that much more fun.

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