What Will Inspire Me to Get Sober?

One never knows from where an inspiration will come. Sometimes you are just plain ready to get sober. You’ve have had enough! There are countless ways for inspiration to come to you.

You could be sober in the morning, that is, the alcohol has only worn off. You have a bad hangover, but decide to venture out of the house for a change. A cup of coffee sounds good at that bookstore. No particular book interests you, but one falls off the shelf in the aisle. You buy the book and the contents inspires you to get sober. You can call this coincidence or inspiration.

Inspiration can come from your drinking buddy who suddenly decides to get sober. You think you’ve lost your best friend to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) because they don’t seem available to you anymore. One day you get a call. Your friend wants you to go to an AA meeting with them. You feel conflicted, even angry. The speaker at the meeting stirs something in you, something familiar with your own drinking. You are inspired by listening for just 20 minutes or so.

Some people can get sober because a dear friend died of an overdose. Here, fear of dying could be the motivating factor that leads them to sobriety. True, too, you may scoff at the book falling on the floor in front of you, or your friend who wants you to come to the meeting.

Your inspiration to get sober can come after an intervention. An intervention is when friends and family catch you off guard, and tell you how they feel about your drinking and the impact it has had on them. You are at the center of their story—the person they love. Inpatient treatment sounds awful, a last resort, but you go anyway. You go for their sake, not yours. In the beginning it doesn’t matter who or why you get sober—only that you do. Then one day you realize you have to get sober for yourself, first. There’s someone you meet in treatment that seems to have gone through a horror show of a time. You unexpectedly feel inspired by them.

Inspiration can come from within, because you know in your heart of hearts that you need to get sober. Inspiration or no inspiration, in the end, getting sober is up to you, it is your decision alone. Think of getting sober as a gift, a gift towards a truly better life.

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