Is Yoga Effective For Recovery From Addiction?

Addiction is many things- a habit, a learning process, a chemical dependency, a method of survival. When the brain is triggered by external circumstances like stress, it craves drugs and alcohol. Addiction programs the brain to seek pleasure in order to avoid having to cope with feelings of stress. Stress management in recovery is an essential part of relapse prevention. Learning to manage stress in every area of life reduces the risk of relapse after treatment. Treatment program participants learn how to incorporate practices for mind, body, and spirit to reduce and manage stress as part of managing their addiction as well as their recovery.

Yoga is a proven stress management tool. Numerous studies have found that regular practice of yoga reduces stress to a cellular level. Inflammation which occurs in the bones, muscles, or blood, contributes poor heart health and the development of many diseases and illnesses. Yoga has also been proven to reduce symptoms of emotional stress by reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Most recently, yoga was found to have an effect beyond a cellular level. Frontiers of Immunology published new research about yoga which discovered yoga changes you molecularly. Studying relaxing practices like yoga and meditation, the researchers found that yoga triggers a reversal of molecular reactions in DNA. Those molecular reactions also cause illness, disorder, and disease. Long term stress triggers the production of proteins in the sympathetic nervous system called cytokines, which cause inflammation. Yoga decreased the production of cytokines, which thereby reversed inflammation and indicated better stress management.

Yoga opens the mind and heals the body, creating a calm foundational state from which you can operate all day. People refer to yoga as a lifestyle as much as they do a practice. The calm and relaxed state they find themselves in is due to the molecular changes taking place with every single practice. The more yoga you do, the more your cells are changing in response to stress, building a less-stressed internal environment. Feeling less stressed on a chemical level makes the brain and the body feel significantly better. Having the tranquil confidence to cope with stress, there is a lesser likelihood of resorting to drugs and alcohol to cope with stress again.


During the treatment process, yoga can be a life-changing experience.

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