You Don’t Have to Explain Yourself

Because you are or were dependent on a substance, you find yourself in an untenable situation. Perhaps you decided to go to a rehab and are there now, or you are in recovery and are at home. At some point in time, whatever way you choose to confront an addiction, you may find yourself feeling the need to explain your situation to someone. If you were at a 28-day rehab, you were gone for a long time and people in your life may wonder where you’ve been.

There’s a movement underway to dispel the stigma of addiction, and it encourages people who have suffered with substance abuse to share their struggles, courage and hope. While this may work for some, disclosure is not mandatory or necessary. People in recovery have to gather themselves up. You can think of yourself as emerging from a hospital after a life-threatening illness. You now, either have to go to a medical rehab for further rehabilitation or home for days and weeks of recuperation. You are still in a fragile state.

Letting your wounds heal from a substance addiction takes time. Telling your friends and colleagues about your struggles can make you feel ashamed and even more vulnerable than you already may be. Don’t feel as if you have to explain yourself to all the people in your life. Give yourself the time to heal. Your privacy is important, too and include boundaries you can set for yourself. Some people in recovery don’t know how to set boundaries for themselves. That can be a result of growing up in a family where appropriate boundaries were never mirrored or respected. There’s still plenty of time to learn some tools about setting boundaries.

Other areas in which you might feel the need to explain yourself include your finances, a mental illness disorder and family mental health issues. It’s no ones business why you can or can’t afford a new car. Explaining yourself can manifest from low self esteem.

People who feel the need to explain themselves may want to control what they think another might be thinking about them. In other words, projecting their own doubts about what they are doing onto someone else in order to justify an action or decision. Explaining yourself can be be a tricky thing, but being in recovery and working with a therapist can help you grow healthy self esteem and get over the need to explain yourself.

“Stop trying to explain yourself. People only understand things from their level of perception; within the parameters of their agreement with reality. Save your energy.”― Steve Maraboli

Going to a rehab for a problem with substance abuse shows an intention to wanting to live your life fully again. Infinity Malibu offers proven treatment programs, holistic therapies, and a stellar staff. In your free time you can enjoy the gorgeous ocean views. Call us today. 888-266-9048

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