Alcohol & Drug Detox at Infinity Malibu

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Safety and comfort are prioritized during detox.

The first step in your restorative journey is to remove chemical toxins and mentally prepare for recovery. Upon arrival at Infinity Malibu, our experienced physicians and clinical staff assess your health history, chemical condition, and addiction background to develop a medically supervised detox plan customized to you.

You need not be anxious about this stage of the process, since we utilize medical and holistic therapies to manage withdrawal effects and make you as secure and comfortable as possible. Residential, sub-acute detox at Infinity Malibu and Infinity in the Valley allows you to begin active rehab with a cleansed body and fresh outlook. It is the beginning of our full continuum of specialized care.

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Benefits of Sub-Acute Detox Care

During detox, Infinity safeguards you from outside stressors, secures your privacy, and offers 24/7 support from clinicians and addiction specialists. In addition to helping you withdraw from chemical dependency, we create safe, inviting environments where you can focus on jumpstarting your sobriety. Additional advantages of Infinity Malibu’ detox programs include:

  • Body, mind & spirit healing
  • State-of-the-art facilities & resources
  • Improved physical health & energy levels
  • Increased sobriety success rates
  • Structured, distraction-free environment
  • Ultimate discretion & confidentiality for clients


Begin Addiction Treatment in the Los Angeles Area

Tucked away near calming ocean vistas, nature preserves, and equestrian properties, our facilities offer world-class accommodations and homelike amenities. Once residential detox is complete, certified clinicians work with you to address the core issues of your dependency—and open your life to a future of infinite potential.

To request sub-acute detox for yourself or someone you love, or to learn more about Infinity’s proven system of care, connect online. Encompassing recovery for individuals and families alike, Infinity creates safe, inviting spaces where clients can set a course for freedom. Genuine change begins today. Call (888) 266-9048.

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