Dual Diagnosis

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment at Infinity Malibu

With clinical training in abnormal psychology and psychopathology, the team at our Los Angeles Area rehabs offer evidence-based treatment for clients facing substance abuse and co-occurring behavioral problems.

Mental health disorders complicate addiction recovery, so our network of facilities provides treatment protocols designed especially for dual-diagnosis clients. During your stay at Infinity’s Malibu home, you will partner with a lead therapist and designated case manager to tailor treatment to your health history. Through a variety of therapeutic modalities, you will begin to overcome the challenges presented by substance abuse and mental illness.

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Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

A dual diagnosis takes on many forms, and individualized treatment planning is critical. Whether you have PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, depression, gambling addiction, or disordered eating in addition to a primary addiction diagnosis, we are one of few Southern California facilities equipped to meet your needs.

Co-occurring behavioral conditions are quite common, and risk factors include genetic vulnerabilities, chemical imbalances, trauma and abuse patterns, or other environmental triggers. The best type of treatment is integrated treatment, where clients receive help for their chemical dependency while simultaneously tackling a coexisting mood or behavioral disorder. In some cases, supervised medications are necessary to treat a dual diagnosis, but Infinity also offers alternatives like equine-assisted therapy, experiential therapy, yoga, acupuncture, and 12-step support groups.


Features of Los Angeles Area Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Once an Infinity patient has undergone our sub-acute detox process, they often benefit most from our intensive residential program. This recovery plan is carried out in a controlled environment where care is tailored to the individual’s substance use and behavioral health concerns. Recovery protocols include:

  • Medication management & parallel treatment of both conditions
  • Group & individual psychotherapy
  • 12-step workshops & support groups
  • Alternative & experiential therapies
  • Family counseling & education

To begin a dual-diagnosis evaluation for yourself or a loved one, call an Infinity Malibu’s specialist today: (888) 266-9048. Individuals have access to the discretion they require while receiving caring, personalized recovery in a safe, inviting setting. For your convenience, Infinity’s luxury homes also accept a number of PPO insurance plans.

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