Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy at Infinity Malibu

Equine-assisted therapy is a form of experiential therapy that uses horses as a tool to help clients identify core addiction issues, process their feelings, and develop lifelong recovery skills. During equine therapy sessions, residents of Infinity Malibu participate in caring for, haltering and grooming the horses, as well as building trust through riding and recreation.


Therapeutic Outcomes of Equine Therapy

Designed to complement talk therapy and enhance our 12-step recovery approach, equine therapy benefits clients struggling with addiction, dual diagnoses, trauma, and mental health issues. As pack animals, horses mirror human feelings and can detect when their caregiver feels sad, lonely, angry, or anxious. By gauging the horse’s response to their behavior, equine therapy participants learn to approach the animals in a calm, empowered way to elicit a positive reaction.

Dogs, cats, horses, and other animals have been found to lift the spirits of those recovering from substance abuse. In addition, Infinity’s equine therapy participants learn to recognize unconscious or destructive patterns of behavior as they put their daily recovery lessons into action. While spending time with our horses, patients report the following:

  • A newfound sense of value & confidence
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Drop in blood pressure & heart rate
  • Clearer understanding of boundaries & personal space
  • Healthy change of focus
  • A renewed sense of purpose

According to Michigan State University, equine-assisted therapy stimulates brain pathways and rehabilitates neurological areas damaged by addiction. Horse programs also improve residents’ physical fitness, coordination, and motor skills while helping them develop a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility.


Experiential Therapy for Substance Abuse Treatment

During equine therapy, credentialed clinicians use roleplaying, games and other active experiences to teach themes like powerlessness, trust, spirituality, and personal boundaries. To learn more about the experiential therapies offered at our luxury Southern California recovery facilities, call (888) 266-9048 or submit a confidential online inquiry. Infinity Malibu is proud to serve private individuals at our Malibu estate. Consider us allies on your journey: helping you set a course for freedom and a better life.

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