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Addiction is not a problem that merely affects the individual using the drugs or alcohol. Drug and alcohol dependency can become a crisis that threatens the very fabric of your family unit. You may feel like all the members that have been so impacted by the addiction will never be able to resolve feelings, restore relationships and resume a semblance of normalcy in their lives. As individual members take on various roles to keep the addiction hidden and cope with the chaos of their daily lives, those unhealthy behaviors start to become the “norm,” leaving individuals unsure of how to cope with the addiction or other issues in life in a healthy way.

The good news is that family treatment programs, like the ones offered at Infinity Malibu, can make the positive difference you are seeking. Through counseling, psycho-education and professional support, clients and their loved ones begin to restore boundaries, develop healthy coping strategies, mend broken relationships and uphold one another on the path to change. Just as addiction affects everyone in a family, undergoing therapy together can bring the trust, restoration and forgiveness the family needs to move forward.

Effects of Addiction on Families

Untreated addiction can create chaos within the family unit and affect individual members in a variety of negative ways. You may not even realize how much your home life has changed because you are so consumed with just coping from day to day. Some of those effects of addiction might include:

  • Loss of trust as addicted individuals often lie and hide their substance use from the rest of the family
  • Depression and anxiety as negative feelings about the situation often turn inward
  • Numbness as family members may stop feeling their emotions due to the pain they can cause
  • Learned helplessness, which occurs when family members give up on their situation
  • Hyper-vigilance as family members may be on the alert for stress and danger
  • Difficulty accurately self-regulating feelings and emotions, leading to dramatic mood swings
  • Relationship issues both within the family and beyond as members do not learn to interact with others in a healthy way
  • High-risk behaviors that combat the feeling of numbness by creating an emotional “rush”
  • Substance use by family members to “self-medicate” the feelings caused by the addiction

Addiction can take its toll on family members of all ages but is particularly traumatic for the children in the home. In addition to the negative consequences the child may suffer while the addiction is progressing, they may be at higher risk for issues later in life, such as relationship problems, a distorted reasoning system and an increased risk for substance abuse.

Designing a Program that Works for All

For family members to move forward after addiction, these impacts must be addressed and explored. Whether unhealthy family dynamics contributed to the addiction or were the result of members living with a substance abuser, everyone affected will need to deal with negative thoughts and behaviors that stem from the addiction and learn positive alternatives to restore a healthy family unit and a higher quality of life for all family members. By promoting and encouraging change, our treatment program can help individuals within the family learn the life skills they need to rebound from the addiction and create healthy relationships once again.

Family therapy is also essential for supporting the person struggling with addiction and lowering the risk for relapse. Studies show a link between relational support and a reduced chance of drug or alcohol relapse. Whenever possible, Infinity’s network of addiction facilities invites parents, children, and significant others to be involved in their loved one’s rehabilitation. First, we take time to learn about our clients’ families: observing relationship dynamics and discussing how chemical dependency harms the family unit. In some cases, family counseling programs bring other behavioral disorders to light—or encourage participating family members to seek intensive counseling for the trauma caused by a relative’s substance abuse.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Family therapy offers numerous advantages to all the members that have been impacted by the addiction, including:

  • Improved treatment compliance & recovery motivation
  • Enhanced client accountability
  • Understanding of relationship boundaries
  • Constructive verbalization of fear, anger & other emotions
  • Opportunity to recognize enabling behaviors
  • Development of productive, positive coping strategies
  • Prioritization of self-care for clients & family members

Our licensed therapists work with all the family members during this program to assess both individual needs and disruptions in the family dynamics that need to be addressed. We will determine the best course for your family program, incorporating individual and family therapy as well as education by members of our clinical staff. Families may also have the opportunity to have fellowship with other clients and their families, helping them understand there are other families with similar struggles and allowing them to form relationships that may provide support over the long-term.

When our clients leave our treatment facility, family therapy prepares the family unit to provide the necessary support to help the individual in recovery maintain long-term sobriety.

Helping Families Heal

As a family member of someone who is recovering from drug or alcohol abuse, it’s important to remember that you are not responsible for your loved one’s recovery. You do, however, play an integral role in supporting them throughout a continuum of care while seeking healing for yourself. Every member is responsible for learning healthy behaviors that will benefit them individually and the family unit.

Providing the care, you and your family deserve at our beautifully appointed Southern California locales, the Infinity Malibu’s staff will also arrange for interventions and safe, accompanied travel when someone you care about is in trouble.

At Infinity Malibu, we believe everyone has the potential to change the trajectory of their life as they pursue genuine, lasting change. We are your allies and confidantes during this process. To learn more about our family program or our other treatment modalities designed to help those struggling with addiction find new hope in sobriety, contact Infinity Malibu today at (844) 254-7345. Change your life. Change your legacy. Lasting change begins today.

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