The minimum stay in our basic residential recovery treatment program is 30 days. Many people find that after 30 days, they really need more work on themselves before they step out in the world again. We offer continuing treatment, in residence, for as long as you need it.

Our Treatment Program utilizes a Detox Phase, Diet, Exercise, and Individual & Group Therapy/Counseling in conjunction exposure to the 12 Steps.  And, for our qualified Northeast and East Coast residence, we will arrange transportation to our location.

We then provide individualized and group counseling and therapy to work on the issues and problems that unresolved leads to relapses. As residents reach the final phases of our program, we teach, counsel and coach them through all the “living life on life’s terms” skills including, forming and maintaining responsible and loving relationships, every day living skills, and responsible decision making.

Our Teams Core Values:

We treat our patients like members of our own family and extend our services in a caring manner while addressing their individual rights and needs.
We ensure that the care extended to our patients by duly licensed, highly skilled and well-experienced healthcare practitioners and professionals are executed with accuracy and responsibility.
We value the importance of respect for every individual in all aspects and levels of our operation.
We aspire to deliver the best services and sources in order to meet our patients’ needs and exceed their expectations.

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