Sober Living

Sober Living at Infinity Malibu

Once you have completed your Los Angeles area residential or outpatient recovery program, you have the option of moving into transitional sober living. Beautifully appointed with a welcoming, modern interior, Infinity’s sober living and IOP facility offer the continued support you need while serving as a stepping stone from active recovery to a less structured environment. Transitional living offers clients the ability to move into their professional and academic lives without giving up the support of a recovery environment that reduces their risk for relapse and increases their odds of long-term sobriety.

Sober living residences, also referred to as “halfway houses,” nurture accountability and responsibility while allowing residents to come and go as they like. Rules are established that must be followed for residents to remain at the facility and maintain their independence. This is a preferred option for individuals that may not have a supportive home environment or are still concerned about relapsing once their residential and outpatient programs are completed.

While a sober living home may not be necessary for every client, some find this transitional living means the difference between remaining in recovery and a relapse. As you exit your treatment program and move into your daily life, the pressures and pulls of that routine can increase your vulnerability to triggers and temptations. Transitional living allows you to make that move more gradually without giving up the support of your peers and treatment professionals right away. As you get stronger and more comfortable in your recovery, your risk of relapse begins to decline until you feel more confident moving away from the sober living home and resuming your life with long-term sobriety as the primary focus.

Sober Living at Infinity

Infinity’s sober community offers a secure retreat in a beautiful setting for clients reintegrating into society. Our home features social events, leisure opportunities, non-denomination 12-step meetings and spiritual enrichment. By maintaining an active schedule, clients don't have the risk of becoming too solitary after their treatment is completed. It also helps maintain motivation for pursuing daily drug and alcohol abstinence.

During your time in our sober residence, you and your housemates become like family. Together you work, prepare meals, enjoy fellowship and deal with ongoing recovery concerns. Everyone at the home pitches in to make the environment pleasant and productive for all. In return, residents enjoy some of the following benefits:

  • Positive, supportive team of peers all working on recovery together
  • Opportunity to form long-term relationships with others in recovery
  • Reduced chance for temptations, triggers and relapse
  • Gradual transition from residential therapy to home life
  • Strict adherence to community rules encourages accountability and responsibility
  • 24-hour availability of both qualified staff and housemates
  • Additional accountability through regular drug and alcohol screenings
  • Peaceful environment and lifestyle to promote healthy, sober living

When you choose to move forward with sober living, you can determine how long you will remain there before returning to your own home and fully integrating into your daily life. While most residents choose to stay for many months, there is no long-term commitment when you move into the residence.

A Day in Our Sober Home

While our sober home offers ample freedom and flexibility, there is also structure in place to help our residents adapt to life after treatment. Some of the expectations of residents in our sober home include:

  • Maintaining sobriety – absolutely no drug or alcohol use allowed
  • Going to work or school during the day
  • Performing some of the chores of the house daily
  • Paying rent monthly and on time
  • Abstaining from sexual contact with other residents
  • Refraining from destructive behaviors like damaging property or stealing
  • Engaging in recovery support groups and therapy sessions regularly
  • Keeping medical and mental health appointments while managing medication
  • Avoiding any aggressive or violent behavior against staff or other residents

In nearly all cases, residents in a sober living environment should have completed a residential or outpatient treatment program prior to coming to sober living. Some of our residents complete a combination of the two before moving into this residence. This demonstrates the individual’s commitment to long-term sobriety, which is essential for successful living in our home.

When a person moves into the Infinity sober home, a contract must be signed that states the resident agrees to follow all the rules set forth by the residence. When rules are broken, the Infinity staff must determine what consequence will be instituted, whether it is a fine, making amends with another resident or another method of restitution. In extreme cases, the individual may be asked to leave the residence completely.

Looking to the Future

At the same time residents living in sober homes are working on their recovery, they are also looking ahead to their future after their transitional living experience. Planning for that future is where the sober living team, and peers in treatment, can aid and support in areas like finding employment or returning to school after addiction treatment. Residents will also learn how to restore relationships that were damaged because of substance abuse, making the move to their own homes a bit smoother. Additionally, there is guidance in finding a place to live after the sober home if residents need to find a new location.

The primary goals of transitional living are to minimize your risk of relapse, explore healthy coping strategies and hold one another accountable for behaviors and choices. As the name suggests, this home is designed to be a transitional living arrangement that prepares you for long-term sobriety as you return home and to your daily obligations and activities. It is considered another stepping stone on your path to long-term sobriety as we work to increase your odds of a successful recovery process.

No matter where you are in your recovery, Infinity Malibu is ready to help you. If you would like to learn more about our continuum of care or more specifically about our sober living opportunities, contact us today at 844-254- 7345. Experience the Infinity difference as you cultivate change beyond chemical dependency and establish your future and your legacy today.

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